What is WPBL?

"WPBL is a private block list consisting of IP addresses which connect to members' systems and deliver unsolicited bulk mail (spam)." The list is designed to be most effective when used by WPBL members, but may not be suitable for other uses. WPBL should not be used to block SMTP connections outright. It is most effective in a scoring system like SpamAssassin.

That being said, WPBL has a history of reliable operation (running since 2004) and currently exhibits rather good detection rates with low false positives. You can find current accuracy stats from Intra2net and UCEPROTECT.

While WPBL detects a considerable amount of spam on a daily basis, the thresholds for getting listed are low. This is why we emphasize that you should not block mail purely because an IP address is on our list. If you are looking for a blocklist appropriate for mail rejection with few false positives, consider using Spamhaus ZEN.

How to query WPBL

The DNSBL can be queried under db.wpbl.info and returns if the IP is listed in our database as a spam source.

You can test this by doing a DNS query for the dummy record,

Use of WPBL is subject to the Conditions. This service is not commercial, and may be terminated at any time.

Removal of IPs

IP addresses are automatically removed with time, after spam stops arriving. For example, a lone spam sighting will only get an IP listed for 7 days. You can also remove an IP address using the Lookup facility at the top of the page. This no-questions-asked, instant removal facility is provided for the benefit of administrators who feel that the record is in error or have fixed the security problem that allowed spam to be sent through their hosts. Access to the removal facility may be restricted if there is any abuse of our system, including attempts to automate removal of multiple IPs using scripts. Removed records still remain in database backups.


By uploading their lists of IP addresses, members are agreeing to release this data into the public domain without any warranty of any kind. The maintainer, in turn, releases the resulting data into the public domain.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Individual users are the sources of data, and their personal opinions dictate the behaviour of their statistical filters. If you are not comfortable with this approach, then this project isn't for you. WPBL should not be used to block mail outright.

THE JUSTIFICATION FOR LISTING A SPECIFIC IP AS A SPAM SOURCE IS THE COMBINATION OF SEVERAL USERS' PRIVATE OPINIONS. These individual users have made their decisions, and that is their right. The maintainer of the database, in turn, makes this data available to all users in an automated fashion without bias. This list does not force anybody to block any mail. The maintainer is not personally responsible for the data contained within the system, nor is his Internet Service Provider, or dog. The listing may contain errors, and the list is NOT a statement or judgement on others' business practices.

The system will track the numeric UID (user ID) associated with a particular spam or non-spam sighting, and this is the extent of the documented accountability. The database does not record email headers or bodies. Members' accounts may be removed from the system at any time. This database is provided free, and access or availability may be restricted or terminated at any time for any reason. The system may be unavailable at times. The DNSBL runs on donated resources, which may be revoked at any time.